Coulter attacks Obama over Afghanistan: Putting more troops there is ‘insane.’

During her speech at CPAC today, right-wing loon Ann Coulter said we owe “a thank you to George Bush for keeping us so safe.” That comment earned a rousing ovation from the audience of conservative activists. Coulter then proceeded to claim Obama is continuing Bush’s national security policies, before attacking him over Afghanistan:

The one real problem with Obama on national security is… he’s putting more troops into Afghanistan, which is insane. This has been the focus of the terrorists — they’re all streaming across into Iraq, where we can win. Now it’s gonna be in Afghanistan, which could well be another Vietnam.

So for politically correct reasons, we’re moving the focus of the war on terrorism to a very bad place for us. The Russians couldn’t win there. Peter the Great couldn’t win there. Oh, but maybe the messiah can win there, ok.

Interestingly, the attack by Coulter didn’t seem to receive any reaction from the audience, positive or negative. Watch it:


The HuffPost’s Sam Stein highlights another “slightly awkward” moment during Coulter’s speech with an audience member asked her whether she is “advantageous to the Republican cause.” Stein reports, “Coulter quickly and coldly dismissed the questioner, a conservative himself, by telling him to, essentially, stop talking.”

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mongo comments:

Isn’t coultergeist the same person who refused to hear anything about problems in afghanistan, and who insisted that the afghan campaign was going “swimmingly”?