Jonah Goldberg: I want Obama to fail.

jonah32.jpgIn an LA Times op-ed today, right-wing blogger Jonah Goldberg joins the bandwagon of conservatives hoping for President Obama’s failure. Implying that hoping for the country’s failure is a perfectly natural sentiment, Goldberg writes, “The scorpion must sting the frog. The conservative must object to socialized medicine”:

Liberal bloggers and media chin-strokers are aghast at Limbaugh’s statement that he hopes Barack Obama fails.

Well, given what Obama wants to do, I hope he fails too. Of course I want the financial crisis to end — who doesn’t? But Obama’s agenda is much more audacious.

Goldberg adds that he is “dubious” about the criticisms of moderate conservatives like Ross Douthat and David Frum, who argue that the Republican party’s Limbaugh obsession “guarantees that the GOP will become a powerless rump party only for conservative true believers.”