Limbaugh refuses to call prospect of economic recovery under Obama ‘good for the country.’


limabugh-smooth.jpgRush Limbaugh has said over and over in recent weeks that he hopes Obama will “fail at everything he’s doing.” As Limbaugh’s argument goes, Obama’s economic policies are misguided and will make the current recession worse. As such, Limbaugh argues, it is reasonable to declare, “I hope Obama fails,” while still hoping that the country as a whole succeeds. Today, however, in an e-mail exchange with Greg Sargent, Limbaugh took the argument a step further by refusing to concede that it would be “good for the country” if Obama’s economic agenda does, in fact, lead to economic growth. After an extended back and forth, Sargent asked:

[P]utting aside the question of what the policies are destined to do, is it true that if they succeed in their stated goal of righting the economy — however far-fetched that may be to you and others — then would that be good for the country?

Limbaugh responded:

I reject your premise. … I will not put aside the question of what the policies are destined to do because that IS THE POINT.