Steele: Punishing senators who supported stimulus is ‘absolutely on the table.’

Last month, RNC Chairman Michael Steele signaled his willingness to consider retribution against the three Republican senators who supported President Obama’s recovery plan by supporting primary challengers. He reaffirmed that pledge today on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, declaring such punishment is “absolutely on the table.”

INGRAHAM: Will you make good on that pledge that the RNC will not raise money and give money to Republicans who continue to put a stick in the eye of fiscal conservatism?

STEELE: As I said, that is something that is absolutely on the table for me. I’m not backing down from that.

Listen to it:

It’s ironic that Steele insisted he was “not backing down,” because directly following Steele’s original statement regarding primary challenges, the RNC walked back his statement in a message to Politico’s Ben Smith, insisting it “has no interest in getting involved in primaries.”