CNN’s Hughley upset Steele apologized to Rush: ‘Why is his name Steele? You should call him aluminum.’

Last week on CNN, RNC chair Micheal Steele told host D.L. Hughley that hate radio host Rush Limbaugh’s “thing” is entertainment and that it’s “incendiary” and “ugly.” Steele apologized to Limbaugh a few days later. “My intent was not to go after Rush – I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh,” Steele said. This weekend, Hughley revisited the issue and expressed disappointment that Steele bowed down to Limbaugh:

HUGHLEY: I like Michael Steele a lot. …I don’t think he should resign. This is like — I started all of this. This is like black-on-black crime. That’s what it is. I want him to keep his job. But since then Michael Steele has apologized which, I hate. I think if you say something you mean, you should just stand by it. …Why is his name Steele? You should call him aluminum. He folded that fast. I don’t understand. Does Rush Limbaugh run the GOP? It seems like it to me.

Watch it:

Hughley’s show will be ending on CNN, but the comedian will be assuming new responsibilities for the cable channel. “D.L. approached CNN about being permanently based in Los Angeles, where his family lives,” a network spokesperson said. “To accommodate this, we agreed upon a new role where he will be a contributor for the network based in Los Angeles.”