Ignoring Fox’s own reporting, Fox News Watch claims Biden’s AFL-CIO meeting was ‘closed to the press.’

Last week, when Vice President Joe Biden addressed AFL-CIO leaders in Miami, Fox News claimed that the White House was denying the press access to Biden’s speech. Fox backtracked on Thursday when it was informed that a transcript would be made available and pool reporters would cover the event. Despite this report, Fox’s media analysis show, Fox News Watch, featured a segment on Saturday asking why it was “closed to the press.” “We don’t have any idea what he said,” said host Jon Scott. Watch it:

The White House posted a transcript of Biden’s speech on Thursday and various news outlets, including the New York Times, published reports on the address. Perhaps Scott doesn’t “have any idea” what Biden said because he chose to not actually look.


SCOTT: Let’s talk about something else. The Obama — candidate Obama promised an open administration, and yet the vice president goes down to address this AFL/CIO convention in Miami Beach. It’s closed to the press. We don’t have any idea what he said. Is that fair?

POWERS: Reporters can find out what he said. They can talk to people who were in the room. I don’t know that transparency means you have to open every meeting you have. There are a lot of people who have complained on the left about what they feel has been a lack of transparency throughout this short time that he’s been in power.

PINKERTON: Here Obama is so eager to have transparency when it comes to John Yoo’s memos about due process in the wake of 9/11 or Cheney’s energy task force. Yet, they’re quiet. They don’t seem to mind at all to get left out of a meeting with the AFL/CIO.

POWERS: You think it is on the same level? A meeting with the AFL/CIO and memos on how he was going to torture people?


LOWRY: My understanding is that it’s the AFL/CIO’s policy that these executive sessions are closed to the press.

PINKERTON: Reporters have been saying, we want to know what is going on. One of the hottest pieces of legislation in 2009 will be card check, or the EFCA, the Employee Free Choice Act, whatever you want to call it. I guarantee Biden and the union leaders were talking about that a lot.

LOWRY: The Obama people like nothing more than to have every Biden event closed to the press.


Ongoing, closed on the vice president.


Media Matters has more on the Fox News Watch segment here.

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