Steele spends limited GOP funds on redecorating his office.

bowflex.jpg RNC chairman Michael Steele is still struggling to put together a staff. He made his first big hire just last Thursday, tapping a new chief of staff. Hiring, however, doesn’t appear to be Steele’s priority. In his infamous GQ interview published last week, Steele said that he was already “redoing” his “whole” office because the dark-wood Republican furniture was “too male.” Today, Roll Call has more on his redecorating plans:

Republican sources confirm that Steele’s office has indeed been spruced up, with fresh wallpaper and a new desk. However, these GOP sources dispute accusations that Steele is spending lavishly to completely overhaul his office. […]

HOH has uncovered more evidence that Steele isn’t planning to go anywhere — in fact, he’s getting quite comfortable in his new office: Sources say a Bowflex exercise machine recently arrived at RNC headquarters, presumably for the chairman to work on those abs of Steele.