Wash Times editor John Solomon claims ‘Conservatives’ site won’t be a ‘blurring of the lines’ of objectivity.

In his Media Notes column today, the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz previews the Washington Times’ newest project, The Conservatives.com, which is aimed “reinventing the right.” In an interview with Kurtz, Washington Times executive editor John Solomon claimed that the new site wasn’t a “blurring of the lines” for the newspaper’s objectivity:

Executive Editor John Solomon sees no “blurring of the lines” with the paper’s news coverage, saying that only Times editorials and columns will be included. “Obviously our opinion pages are center-right, so this will be a center-right site packaged for people who enjoy that type of opinion,” he says. Solomon says TheConservatives.com (slogan: Reinventing the Right) will include video and a daily blog by Amanda Carpenter, formerly of Townhall.com, once it is fully developed this spring.

In a memo he issued soon after becoming the Times’ editor, Solomon said he would maintain “a bright line between news coverage and the advocacy of the editorial and opinion pages.” But as FishBowlDC points out, “it’s not the content, it’s the contributors that are blurring the line between opinion and news.” For instance, when the site’s top contributor, Amanda Carpenter, announced that she was taking the job, she indicated that she would be working on the news side of the paper. “I am very excited about this opportunity to work in a news room under the helm of Jeff Birnbaum and John Solomon,” wrote Carpenter.