Rove Hypocritically Accuses Gibbs Of Sounding ‘Like Some Wise-Cracking Junior High Smart Mouth’

On Sunday, former Vice President Cheney said that President Obama has already made America more unsafe. When Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked for his reaction to Cheney’s criticisms, Gibbs dryly said that CNN invited the former VP because “Rush Limbaugh was busy,” labeling him “the next most popular member of the Republican cabal.”

Apparently, Gibbs’s remarks were beyond the pale for Karl Rove. Yesterday, on the O’Reilly Factor, Rove denigrated Gibbs, comparing him to “some wise-cracking junior high smart mouth.” “These are real issues,” Rove urged, complaining about Gibbs’s “tone”:

ROVE: What surprised me was frankly the tone of Mr. Gibbs, who sounded like some wise-cracking junior high smart mouth. And it would have been better both for Obama and for the country if Mr. Gibbs had, if he felt it necessary to respond, responded on the merits of the issue rather than, you know, putting such a heavy emphasis on his little sarcastic flip comment. Because these are real issues. These are real issues.

Watch it:

Rove’s holier-than-thou attitude is particularly hypocritical. It is Rove who has launched characteristically sleazy ad hominem attacks on his opponents. It is Rove who is planning to “name names” and single out Bush critics in his new book. And it is Rove who makes “sarcastic flip comments” about his rivals that make him sound like a “junior high smart mouth”:

— Echoing a right-wing smear, Rove called Obama “almost Marxian.”

— Referred to then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) as a “big blowhard doofus.”

— Slandered critics of President Bush as “elite, effete snobs.”

Of course, when Rove called his political opponents “Marxian,” “doofus,” and “snobs,” he was talking about the “real issues.”