‘Small crowd’ on street corner greets Bush in Florida, while block-long line of people camp out for Obama in LA.

Today, President Bush is attending a private fundraiser in Jacksonville, FL, to gin up support for his $300 million presidential library. At the luncheon, Bush also planned to speak about the economy and “thank local Republicans for their support.” Local CBS affiliate WTEV-TV broadcast from outside the venue for the event today, showing a few people standing on a street corner to greet the former president. The reporter called it a “small crowd.” Watch it:

Compare Bush’s reception to that of Obama, who will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening. People hoping for tickets camped out all night — more than 10 hours — with the line stretching all the way down the block:

Even though Duval County GOP spokesperson Donna Barrow said that “Jacksonville is Bush Country,” Jacksonville’s mayor — who is a Republican — turned down Bush’s invite for today’s lunch.

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