Meghan McCain prematurely slams Obama for going on Leno and ignoring the financial crisis.

Yesterday on Twitter, Meghan McCain hit President Obama’s decision to go on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

hmmm, maybe the president shouldn’t go on leno and talk about basketball and instead explain to me how those morons at AIG got bonuses…

But as Huffington Post’s Sam Stein points out, “Perhaps Meghan shouldn’t have been so impatient with her critiques.” In fact, Obama referenced AIG at least seven times, and the New York Times wrote that “most of the discussion was devoted — perhaps for the first time in the show’s history — to in-depth discussions of tax policy, as well as macroeconomics and finance.” From his appearance last night:

I think that part of the calculation they were making was the way the contracts were written said, if you don’t pay us immediately, then we can claim three times as much as we were owed under the bonuses. … We’re going to do everything we can to see if we can get these bonuses back.