RNC members question the ‘logic’ of Steele’s Limbaugh gaffe: ‘So what is true? Are you really apologetic?’

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon last month, RNC Chairman Michael Steele explained his embarrassing spat with Rush Limbaugh by claiming that it was a “strategic” move so that he could “see what the landscape looks like.” The Washington Times reports today that members of the Republican National Committee — Oklahoma RNC member Carolyn McLarty and Texas RNC member Cathy Adams — don’t buy Steele’s explanation:

But Mrs. McLarty said, “I don’t really buy that. I think he just said things in his gut that didn’t come out right for conservatives.”

Some RNC members say they no longer know when Mr. Steele means what he says and when his words are meant to be strategically misleading.

“So what is true? Are you really apologetic? We need to know,” Mrs. Adams said.

It shouldn’t be surprising for Steele to hear that people are questioning the veracity of what he says. In February, he told Glenn Beck that he had “absolutely no reason, none, to trust our word or our actions at this point.”