Kentucky gun show features Obama-Hitler shirts and warnings to ‘prepare for Obama’s citizen army.’

As ThinkProgress has noted, the right wing continues to escalate its fear-mongering that President Obama will take away Americans’ Second Amendment rights. In a New York Times op-ed this weekend, Charles Blow reported that such rhetoric “has helped fuel the panic buying of firearms.” On Saturday, the Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel went to the bi-annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in Kentucky and saw this phenomenon first-hand:


Weigel noted that all three boxes of the Hitler-Obama shirt had sold out by 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. In November, ThinkProgress went to The Nation’s Gun Show in Chantilly, VA, which featured similar fear-mongering. For example, an ad in the Washington Post for the event read, “GET YOUR GUNS WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!”