Bush Releases New Promo Video For His Library, Highlighting 9/11 And Largely Ignoring Iraq

Former deputy press secretary Scott Stanzel has posted a new video of President Bush promoting his presidential library. In the five-minute video, there are a full 35 seconds of clips of 9/11 and Bush’s subsequent reaction. However, there is just one mention of Iraq in the entire piece. Additioanlly, Bush promises to use his library “policy center” to be “front and center” pushing for another attempt to privatize Social Security:

BUSH: At some point in time, the Congress is going to have to fix the Social Security system. I‘d like the center to be front and center in that debate and propose solutions. … Compassion ought to be the center of our domestic and foreign policy. … Some call it consequential, some call it controversial, either way it’ll be a well studied Presidency.

Watch it:

George W. Bush Presidential Center from laura crawford on Vimeo

In January, Bush cited his failed attempt to privatize Social Security as one of his biggest domestic policy achievements. Rather than being a place for ‘studying’ the Bush era, the library foundation has already been trying to spin Bush’s disastrous response to hurricane Katrina.

It should come as no surprise that Bush is seeking to use his library for purposes other than actually documenting his presidency. As Think Progress has reported, there are no mentions of Iraq in Bush’s official biography on the library website. Rather, like the actual Bush presidency, the Bush library appears to be aiming to highlight the attacks of 9/11 while ignoring the history and the failures of the Iraq war.

(ThinkProgress has been keeping a close eye on developments with the Bush library, and we will continue to do so. Read our related posts here.)