Steele skipping Log Cabin Republican convention.

steele.jpgLater this week, the Log Cabin Republicans are hosting their national convention in Washington, DC, which will feature appearances by former New Jersey governor Christie Todd Whitman, former congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) and Meghan McCain. In her Daily Beast column today, McCain reveals that RNC Chairman Michael Steele was invited to speak, but declined due to scheduling issues:

Former Virginia Congressman Tom Davis, a well-respected Republican lawmaker who has made no bones about his desire to see the GOP move on from its obsession over social issues, is also speaking. I understand that Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele was invited to speak, but was unable to schedule an appearance.

Steele’s absence will be conspicuous considering that the Log Cabin Republicans initially cheered his election to the chairmanship, but issued a stinging rebuke of his claim that it was “crazy” for the GOP to even “consider” civil unions for same-sex couples.