Cantor’s cartoonish ‘Solutions Center’ website recycles stale GOP ideas.

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) is launching a “Solutions Center” to “address simple questions Americans are asking themselves in the face of economic calamity.” Cantor told Politico that his goal is to “answer the questions with Republican proposals that contrast starkly with legislation offered by President Barack Obama and his congressional allies.” With the help of a number of different cartoon characters, Cantor’s “Solutions Center,” answers just four questions. The answer to every question — some form of cut taxes, cut spending, or both — is presented in the form of GOP talking points with a link to a briefing document rehashing already proposed and rejected GOP alternatives. This is Cantor’s solutions site:

Notably, the site doesn’t direct visitors to the many government resources that already exist to help Americans stay in their homes, save for higher education and retirement, or deal with unemployment.