Fox News guest offers Glenn Beck ‘congratulations’ for tea party.

Yesterday on his Fox News show, Glenn Beck hosted supply-side Reagan economist Arthur Laffer to discuss government spending. As he loves to do, Beck brought up the tea party events tomorrow, which oddly prompted Laffer to congratulate him:

BECK: When these people are going to the tax tea parties, and I’ve said —

LAFFER: Congratulations, by the way.

BECK: Well, um, I’m just attending.

Why would Laffer offer his congratulations to Beck for the tea parties if Beck supposedly has no role in promoting them? Watch it:

Fox News has been attempting to assert that it is not promoting the tea parties, but simply reporting on them. Last week, Beck backed out as a keynote speaker at the San Antonio tea party event, thereby removing himself from an overt advocacy role. He will be broadcasting from the event for Fox News. But, while there, he is also attending a fundraising lunch for the tea party activists.