Harman asks Holder to release full transcripts of her NSA wiretapped conversations.

harman2web.jpgYesterday, CQ’s Jeff Stein reported that the NSA has transcripts of a telephone conversation between Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) and unnamed Israeli agents. The recordings show Harman offering the Israelis her efforts to lobby the Justice Department to “reduce espionage-related charges against two officials of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee,” and the Israelis indicating willingness to lobby soon-to-be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to name Harman chair of the Intelligence Committee. Harman’s office released a statement yesterday denying the report. Today, Harman released a letter she wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder, saying she is “outraged” that the NSA wiretapped her conversations and that Holder should release the full NSA transcripts:

I am outraged to learn from reports leaked to the media over the last several days that the FBI or NSA secretly wiretapped my conversations in 2005 or 2006 while I was Ranking Member on the House Intelligence Committee.

This abuse of power is outrageous and I call on your Department to release all transcripts and other investigative material involving me in an unredacted form. It is my intention to make this material available to the public. […]

[I]t is entirely appropriate to converse with advocacy organizations and constituent groups, and I am concerned about a chilling effect on other elected officials who may find themselves in my situation.

“Let me be absolutely clear,” Harman wrote. “I never contacted the Department of Justice, the White House or anyone else to seek favorable treatment regarding the national security cases on which I was briefed, or any other cases.”