Feingold: ‘Grounds for impeachment can be made’ against Bybee.

In 2003, Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) voted against confirming OLC torture memo author Jay Bybee to the 9th Circuit Court, one of only 19 Democrats to do so. At the time, Feingold noted “the failure of the administration to provide any of his numerous OLC opinions to the Judiciary Committee for review.” Today, in the wake of the release of Bybee’s torture memos, Feingold said that there are certainly “grounds for impeachment” against Bybee:

feingold2.jpgThe idea that one of the architects of this perversion of the law is now sitting on the federal bench is very troubling. The memos offer some of the most explicit evidence yet that Mr. Bybee and others authorized torture and they suggest that grounds for impeachment can be made. Clearly, the Justice Department has the responsibility to investigate this matter further. As a Senator, I would be a juror in any impeachment trial so I don’t want to reach a conclusion until all the evidence is before me.

Please join our campaign calling on Congress to begin impeachment hearings against Jay Bybee.