Rohrabacher defends Cheney: ‘Wait a minute, this person did some very good things.’

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) appeared on Fox New’s Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss his exchange earlier today with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in which Clinton took a shot at Dick Cheney’s credibility. Cavuto lauded Rohrabacher as being a “pretty gutsy guy” for defending Cheney “in a packed room that everyone made a laughing stock of the [former] Vice President.” Cavuto then asked Rohrabacher why other Republicans aren’t sticking up for Cheney:

CAVUTO: [S]ome Republicans have been oddly silent in defending him or not. You took the fight on. Do you think that the vice president has been misrepresented here?

ROHRABACHER: I think that there’s a lot of people in this town that don’t have any courage, when someone is being belittled and they’re under attack, to stand up and say, ‘wait a minute, this person did some very good things.’

Watch it: