Bill O’Reilly’s response to waterboarding: ‘Torture, my ass.’

Last night on The Factor, Bill O’Reilly hosted Newsday columnist Ellis Henican, who criticized O’Reilly’s tolerance of torture. “You disappoint me, you disappoint me,” Henican said, pointing his finger at O’Reilly. “I would have dumped that guy in the water 1000 times to save your life,” the Fox News host countered. The heated debate concluded with this exchange:

HENICAN: You’re coming out for torture now?

O’REILLY: Torture, my [bleeped].

HENICAN: Torture? Torture?

O’REILLY: Bleep that word. All right, Ellis, calm down. We’ll waterboard Ellis in a moment.

Watch it:

In the past, O’Reilly has offered full-throated defenses of torture and has enjoyed making jokes about waterboarding.