Steele tells conservatives to stop pointing fingers on bailouts: “Do the ‘my bad’ and move forward.”

Much of the right-wing “outrage” against the Obama administration has been over its willingness to grant “bailouts” to Wall Street companies. In fact, the RNC is currently encouraging supporters “to speak out against the bailouts.” Today on MSNBC, however, RNC Chairman Michael Steele candidly admitted that it is “disingenuous” for conservatives to blame Democrats for bailing out Wall Street, since the original bailouts were approved by President Bush:

STEELE: Look, we can’t go back out and start pointing fingers at Democrats and saying look how bad they’re performing, look at what they’re doing with the economy when we jump-started this thing. We were the ones that put the $700 billion on the table and said, all right, let’s start nationalizing the banking system. So now, for us to stand back and go, oh, that’s a bad thing to do is disingenuous. So let’s own up, do the my bad, and move forward.

Watch it:

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Explaining the political diversity inside the GOP, Steele also remarked:

You wear your hat one way. You like to wear it, you know, kind of cocked to the left, you know, because that’s cool out West. In the Midwest, you guys like to wear it a little bit to the right. In the South, you guys like to wear the brim straight ahead. Now, the Northeast, I wear my hat backwards, you know, because that’s how we roll in the Northeast.

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