At meeting with Obama, GOP leaders were ‘unprepared’ to make any ‘concessions’ on health care.

On Sunday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wrote in Politico that “health reform should be developed through a bipartisan process,” echoing the demands of Republicans who have complained about President Obama’s bipartisan outreach. Yet at a meeting with Obama last month — after the President offered some concessions on health reform — Time’s Karen Tumulty reports that GOP lawmakers refused to compromise at all:

So, right there in the Cabinet Room, the President put a proposal on the table, according to two people who were present. Obama said he was willing to curb malpractice awards, a move long sought by the Republicans and certain to bring strong opposition from the trial lawyers who fund the Democratic Party.

What, he wanted to know, did the Republicans have to offer in return? Nothing, it turned out. Republicans were unprepared to make any concessions, if they had any to make.

As ThinkProgress noted yesterday, the GOP’s National Council — a recent effort to “rebrand” the party — offered no new ideas on health care at a retreat this weekend, instead attacking a “government takeover” of health care.