Steele ‘regrets the way his comments’ against GOP base ‘have been interpreted.’

On Saturday, ThinkProgress reported that RNC Chairman Michael Steele recently made comments suggesting that the GOP base is bigoted. Guest-hosting Bill Bennett’s radio show, Steele argued that the Republican primary voters “rejected Mitt because it had issues with Mormonism.” That comment has engendered criticism from many conservative activists over the last 48 hours. Now, Steele’s press secretary is expressing regret for “the way his comments have been interpreted”:

steeleGail Gitcho offered this statement: “Chairman Steele regrets the way his comments have been interpreted. Chairman Steele believes Mitt Romney is a respected and influential voice in the Republican Party and looks to his leadership and ideas to help move our party and our nation in the right direction.”

Note that Steele isn’t actually apologizing for suggesting the GOP base is bigoted. He’s merely upset that we “interpreted” his comments. ThinkProgress interpreted Steele’s remarks the only way they can be interpreted.