Wonk Room’s Igor Volsky discusses health care reform on Fox Business.

Last night, the Wonk Room’s Igor Volsky appeared on Fox Business Network to discuss health care reform. He disputed the host’s assertion that the Democrats’ goal was to create a single-payer system, and explained why a public option plan was so essential:

What we’ve had so far in this country is a patchwork system of insurance where millions of American falls through the cracks. And what we want to do is create a public option where the most vulnerable Americans, Americans who now forgo coverage, have access to affordable health care. It’s not about socialism; it’s about providing Americans with a choice. It’s what we should all be for — it’s the American solution.

Watch it:

Igor was pitted against Dennis Smith, a Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. When it came to real reform, the Fox Business host admitted that “it’s essentially really two against one here.”