‘Party of No’ Chairman on whether health care reform will pass: ‘Noooooo.’

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This weekend on “Meet the Press,” David Gregory asked RNC Chairman Michael Steele whether health care reform could pass this year. Invoking his party’s preferred reply, Steele responded, “Noooooo”:

GREGORY: Do you think it’s going to happen? Chairman, do you think it’s going to pass this year?


GREGORY: You don’t think it will pass?

STEELE: Noooooo. No, no. no.

Reinforcing the fact that Republicans have no health care plan of their own, Steele could only repeatedly insist on “tort reform.” Watch it:

In the interview, Steele embraced the “party of no” label when discussing how the GOP would oppose President Obama’s Supreme Court pick: “You know, the party of no is no to judges that are going to sit there and try to come up with some feel-good legislation,” Steele declared.