Limbaugh responds to Price: ‘How the hell’ can Price say Powell is better for GOP than Cheney?

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough asked Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) if he believed that Rush Limbaugh and former Vice President Cheney were “somehow better Republicans than Colin Powell.” “Goodness, no,” Price responded. On his radio show today, Limbaugh respond to Price, asking, “How in the hell can you say that Dick Cheney was worse for the Republican Party than Colin Powell!?” Limbaugh reiterated his claim that Powell endorsed Obama entirely because of his race and proclaimed that Cheney was a model Republican because he “gets results”:

LIMBAUGH: How in the hell can you say that Dick Cheney is worse for the Republican Party than Colin Powell? It was Colin Powell who endorsed Barack Obama after the Republican party gave Colin Powell the exact kind of nominee he claims to want. […]

The Vice President gets results! Do you not see what Dick Cheney was able to pull off last week? You basically have the Bush policy on Gitmo and interrogations intact. … And [Price] says that Dick Cheney is not as good a Republican as Colin Powell is?

Watch it:

The question now is if Price will, like other Republicans before him, deliver a mea culpa for publicly disagreeing with El Rushbo. But disagreements within the conservative movement aside, the “Bush policy on Gitmo and interrogations” is by no means “intact.”