Senate Minority Leader McConnell didn’t watch Cheney’s speech.

mcconnellAt a press conference this morning, a reporter asked Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) whether it was “frustrating” to have Dick Cheney representing Republican views on national security issues. McConell didn’t reject the term, and said he had skipped Cheney’s speech today:

QUESTION: Is it kind of frustrating to have Dick Cheney up there speaking for your point of view on this today, because you’ve stood up there and said it’s nice not to have the burden of the Bush administration any more. Politically, is it frustrating —

MCCONNELL: I didn’t watch the Vice Presidnt’s speech. I am here today reacting to the events of yesterday and the president’s speech. But everybody’s got an opportunity to have his say in this country.

Listen here:

It’s clear that the most powerful Republican senator is not the Bush administration’s biggest fan. He called the Bush administration a “political burden” for his party. “President Bush had become extremely unpopular, and politically he was sort of a millstone around our necks in both ’06 and ’08,” McConnell said.