Steele on college: ‘I partied my behind off.’

RNC Chairman Michael Steele recently spoke to students at Woodson Senior High School in Washington, DC, for a C-SPAN segment called “Student and Leaders” that will air next Monday. He told them that during his first year of college, he “partied [his] behind off.”

STEELE: My first year at Johns Hopkins, I had a good time. I really did. I partied my behind off. I heard there were classes, and some people told me I really should go. But I was having a good time. … I just networked the heck out of that bad boy. I was getting there. I was talking, I was grooving, I was having a ball!

Watch it:

The anecdote was part of a story on “perseverance.” He told the students that his partying ways got him kicked out of school after freshman year, forcing him to take summer school while working full time in order to gain re-admission to Johns Hopkins. Watch the full story here.