On comedy tour, Beck is seeking audience of people who ‘get it’ and will ‘slap America across the face.’

Fox News personality Glenn Beck will kick off his Common Sense comedy tour “with a sold-out show at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House” in Denver, CO today, “followed by five shows in five nights around the country.” Asked why he was starting in Denver, Beck said, “The people in the mountain west get it, generally,” he said. “They’re going to be the ones that step to the plate and slap America across the face and say, ‘Sit down and shut up.” Beck recently said that “[t]he live shows give him the chance to see firsthand what sort of themes are resonating among his regular followers.” One of the jokes that apparently resonated so well that it ended up in his tour promotional materials began, “You know that foam when somebody vomits? I took that foam and made it into a diamond.” No telling where it went from there, as the clip cuts off before the punch line. Watch Beck’s promotional video: