Burger King distances itself from franchise’s ‘Global Warming is Baloney’ signs.

baloneybkc The Memphis Flyer recently caught multiple local Burger King franchises sporting a big “Global Warming is Baloney” sign. When reporter Chris Davis called one of restaurants to ask about the sign, employees initially denied that the sign was there. When they finally admitted that it was, they claimed that “Global Warming is Baloney” is the official opinion of the Burger King corporation:

BK: The sign was put up yesterday.
Me: And it’s not a mistake?
BK: No.
Me: It reflects the opinion of BK international?
BK: Yes. Would you like to talk to the home office? I can give you a number.
Me: I’ve got the number, I’ve already contacted them. Thanks.

On Friday, however, Susan Robison, Vice President of Corporate Communications for the Burger King Corporation, told the Flyer that the signs do not “reflect a Burger King Corp. (BKC) opinion or view. The two restaurants where these signs appeared are independently owned and operated and were not authorized to display this statement. The signs have since been removed.” (HT: AMERICAblog)


Leo Hickman at the Guardian’s Environment Blog writes, “One imagines that someone at Burger King realised that the ‘global warming is baloney’ line didn’t exactly chime with the views of John Chidsey, the company’s CEO, who believes that climate change is ‘an overriding issue of importance for the global community, business community and people in general’, as he stated in this short interview conducted at this year’s World Economic Forum. (How he squares this concern with his company’s drive-thru, meat-munching business model is another matter, though.)”

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