Upstate NY school board president ‘regularly’ sends offensive e-mails, including one calling Obama a ‘negro.’

bidenfireYesterday, the Buffalo News reported that Lewiston-Porter school board President Robert J. Weller is being criticized for “regularly” forwarding offensive e-mails to friends and former members of the board. One e-mail contained a list of a dozen male chauvinist “jokes,” such as an explanation that women have smaller feet to allow them “to stand closer to the kitchen sink.” Other e-mails included:

— A photo of Barack Obama, depicted making a campaign promise to deliver jobs to “everyone who can work.” In the background of the doctored image is a group of African-Americans running away.

— A mock news release from the Detroit Police Department that claims the department will replace German shepherd police dogs with “coon dogs, due to the fact the city is not having any problems with Germans.”

— A doctored photo of Chelsea Clinton holding up a T-shirt that reads, “My mom is getting her ass kicked by a Negro.”

“If you’re not white and Christian, in Bob Weller’s world, you don’t exist,” commented former board President Robert L. Laub, who served on the board with Weller. Though Weller is standing by his actions – going as far as telling a reporter that his critics can “accuse all they want to” – a pastor of the True Bethel Baptist Church in Buffalo is organizing an e-mail campaign to persuade him to apologize or resign. (HT: Wonkette)