Will O’Reilly whine about FNC ignoring today’s presser with survivor of recruiting station attack?

In recent days, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly has criticized the “liberal media” and CNN for what he viewed as a paucity of coverage of the deadly attack on the Army-Navy recruiting station in Little Rock, AR last week. “Only Anderson Cooper at 10 o’clock covered the story,” O’Reilly said of CNN. (In fact, CNN had reported on the attack over a dozen times.) Despite O’Reilly’s insistence that Fox News has been following the attack story more closely than its competitors, when the lone survivor of the attack, Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, spoke with reporters earlier today, only CNN and MSNBC carried the press conference live. Fox News never cut to the press conference, choosing instead to focus on Newt Gingrich’s criticisms of the Obama administration from last night’s congressional Republican fundraiser:


So the question is, will O’Reilly complain about his network’s failure to cover today’s presser? Or is Fox News above such complaints because its not part of the “liberal media”?