Sanford: Cheney’s prominence ‘probably isn’t’ good for the GOP.

sanfordToday, ABC News’ Jake Tapper interviewed Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) for an ABC News podcast. Sanford conceded that it is not good for the Republican Party to have Vice President Cheney at the forefront, and repeatedly suggested that old leaders need to make a “conscious deferral” and step aside:

TAPPER: What’s your view on the prominent that Vice President Cheney has created for himself?

SANFORD: I’d say the beauty of America is, you know, it’s everybody’s prerogative. So if that’s his thing, you know, go for it.

TAPPER: But is it good for your party?

SANFORD: Probably isn’t. … You know, while somebody may have been at the top at one point, to really keep an invigorated political system, you’ve got to have new voices stepping in and stepping to the plate and giving their opinions. And any time you have some of the senior leaders continuing to lay out their case for what they believe, it probably usurps the voice of new leaders coming in.

When Tapper asked Sanford how he felt about Rush Limbaugh, Sanford suggested that Limbaugh was one of the leaders “who have had more than their share of time at a front-row seat.” “If you’ve got a disproportionate microphone, you might want to share it,” Sanford said. Listen to it: