Dobson And Disgraced WH Staffer Pay Bush Tribute: He Was ‘The Instrument In God’s Hand’ That Kept Us Safe

This week, James Dobson has been using his Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast to air his 1 1/2-hour interview with Tim Goeglein, a former special assistant to President Bush. The interview — billed as an “Insider’s View of the Bush Presidency” — has actually been a 1 1/2-hour love fest to the former president. Some highlights of Goeglien’s thoughts:

— “George W. Bush kept us safe. Providence kept us safe. But George Bush was the instrument in God’s hand as the leader of the free world.”

— “Of course, this was the great blessing of our first president, George Washington — the original George W. … The greatest trait of Washington was to see things as they were and not as he wanted to see them. That was George W. Bush’s gift when it came to this war. He immediately upon being told of the attacks knew that this was war and that we were being attacked existentially by radical Islam.”

— “I am actually very confident and hopeful, that in the years ahead with the benefit of time and space, that historians will look back at those remarkable and incredibly eventful eight years and say, ‘You know, he made the right decisions about the biggest things during those eight years.’

Dobson also gave Obama a back-handed compliment, saying that unlike Bush, he can “read without sounding like he’s reading.” “That is a real skill,” added Dobson. “I mean, that’s something not very many people can do. In fact, I think President Obama is in the White House today because of that ability to read off a teleprompter.” Listen to excerpts here:

At the end of the interview, Dobson asks Goeglein whether he’s saying all these nice things about Bush simply because he gets “starstruck” by politicians. Goeglein assures him that all his observations and emotions are genuine.

Right Wing Watch also notes that Goeglein resigned from the White House in disgrace in 2008, after admitting that he had extensively plagiarized in the occasional guest columns he wrote for his hometown newspaper. While in the White House, Goeglein was “the eyes and ears of the White House in the world of religious conservatives and an emissary to that world for Mr. Rove and the president.”