Megyn Kelly claims that the only reason people consider Fox News conservative is because of Sean Hannity.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who was hired because she believed there is “a left bias in the news,” tells Haute Living that she thinks the network’s conservative reputation is unfounded. Claiming that Bill O’Reilly is “all over the board” politically, Kelly claimed that people only think Fox is right-wing “because of Hannity”:

When asked about her employer’s reputation for being conservative, she attributed those perceptions to the network’s primetime host lineup, not its news coverage. “There is no question that Hannity is a conservative,” she says. “But I can tell you from personal experience after having worked with O’Reilly for years now, you never know where he is going to come out on an issue. He definitely leans right when it comes to certain social, traditional value issues, but he’s all over the board on certain other issues. And Greta-nobody knows exactly what her stripes are. I think [the conservative reputation is] really because of Hannity.”

Kelly is wrong. Fox is considered “the most biased name in news” for much more than just Sean Hannity. Not only does Fox regularly parrot right-wing talking points and promote right-wing events, but its executives want the network to be the “voice of opposition” to the Obama administration. Kelly also neglected to mention Fox’s rising star, Glenn Beck, who proudly calls himself a conservative.