ThinkProgress’ Amanda Terkel appears on MSNBC to discuss the fractured state of the GOP.

This afternoon, ThinkProgress’ Amanda Terkel appeared on MSNBC with conservative blogger Brian Faughnen to discuss the new Time article arguing that a “GOP ice age is on the way” because of Republicans’ inability to reach out to Latinos and young voters. Amanda noted that the current “race-based politics” surrounding the Sotomayor nomination “may have a very long-term impact on the Republican Party” with Latino voters, and said that conservatives had to stop “swoon[ing]” over Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, and Rush Limbaugh. Watch it:

Indeed, a McClatchy-Ipsos poll released today found that “37 percent of the general population and 42 percent of Hispanics said they’d feel less favorably toward the Republican Party if Senate Republicans ‘overwhelmingly oppose’ Sotomayor.”