Reid tells Harold Koh supporters he will bring Koh’s nomination up for a vote within two weeks.

Though President Obama nominated Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh to be chief legal adviser to the State Department in March, the nomination has languished in the senate; at least one senator has placed an anonymous hold on Koh. Now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has told Koh’s supporters that he will bring Koh’s nomination for a vote sometime in the next two weeks, according to an e-mail sent yesterday to members of the “We Support Harold Hongju Koh” Facebook group:

Last night, after yesterday’s phone bank, we got word from inside sources that Senator Reid believes Harold has enough votes, and has decided to file for cloture on the nomination sometime in the next two weeks. While we do not have an exact date yet, it’s an indication that all of your calling is working!

ThinkProgress spoke to a source with knowledge of the situation who confirmed the timeline. Earlier this week, Obama said he had no plans to appoint Koh or other nominees currently blocked by Senate Republicans under recess appointments.