FreedomWorks blogger inadvertently accuses Dick Armey of ‘smiley-faced fascism.’

On July 4th, FreedomWorks blogger Rossputin posted an essay called, “Happy Dependence Day,” in which he accused employees of GM, AIG, Citigroup, the Department of Education and lobbyists of being “the antithesis of this nation’s founding, the antidote to liberty and free markets, the source of the smiley-faced fascism which creeps further into our lives daily.” But as Chris Harris of Media Matters Action points out, by attacking lobbyists, Rossputin was inadvertently attacking the chairman of FreedomWorks, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, who is currently a lobbyist with the high-powered D.C. lobbying firm DLA Piper. Read a list of Armey’s lobbying clients here.