Joe the Plumber agrees with Meghan McCain: I’m just a ‘dumb plumber.’

joe-the-plumber-web1Last week, Meghan McCain responded to Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher’s claim that he doesn’t want “queers…anywhere around my children.” “Joe the Plumber — you can quote me — is a dumbass,” she said. “He should stick to plumbing.” Not taking her advice to “stick to plumbing,” Wurzelbacher showed up at an “Average Joes, Powerful Voices” event in Greenville, WI yesterday to speak to those protesting “taxes and government spending.” But it appeared that he agreed, at least in part, with Meghan McCain’s criticism:

Wurzelbacher described himself as a “dumb plumber” who nevertheless could understand the Constitution. His themes and complaints in a 13-minute speech were similar to those voiced by speakers before and after him in the two-hour-plus event. He criticized wasteful government spending, lack of accountability, the disconnect between Christian values and politics, and political correctness.

“Washington has no idea what’s going on here or anywhere else,” Joe the Plumber said in an interview after the event. “So we need to govern ourselves more and go back to state rights.” Seeming to then take issue with McCain’s (and his own) characterization, he also criticized those who paint him as a “bad person” or “some ignorant red-neck who doesn’t have anything to say about anything.” “[It’s] not true you know,” he said. “I’m very educated, I know what I’m talking about, I know the facts.”