McCain refuses to endorse Steele’s charge that Obama’s health care plan is ‘socialism.’

Yesterday during a confusing question-and-answer period after a speech at the National Press Club, RNC Chair Michael Steele was asked if he thought President Obama’s health care plan amounted to “socialism.” “Yes. Next question,” Steele quipped. Piling on the GOP’s new strategy to kill health care reform, Steele later added, “Slow down, Mr. President. We can’t afford to get health care wrong. Your experiment proposes too much, too soon, too fast.” This morning on CNN, host Kiren Chetry asked Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) if he agreed with Steele, but McCain — who hasn’t been shy to drop the S-bomb in relation to Obama — wouldn’t endorse the charge:

CHETRY: Yes, Michael Steele called it an experiment. He called it socialism, talking about the health care plan that’s out there right now in the House. Do you agree?

MCCAIN: I have my own opinions on most issues now, and I’ll be glad to give you my opinions, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Watch it:

McCain isn’t the only GOP member of Congress Steele is having trouble convincing. When Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) was asked on MSNBC today if he agreed with Steele’s claim that Obama’s health care reform plan was “dangerous and reckless,” he woudn’t take the bait. “Well, those are pretty strong words,” he said, quickly changing the subject.