Maddow responds to Dobbs calling her a ‘tea-bagging queen’: ‘Can a female person be that kind of queen?’

CNN’s Lou Dobbs has been the most high-profile mainstream media figure to buy into the “birther” conspiracy. He continues to push the issue, claiming that President Obama might be “undocumented” and, as a result, his presidency “illegal.” On Tuesday during his radio show, Dobbs made it clear he had no intention of backing down and took particular aim at one of his critics: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Dobbs referred to her as a “tea-bagging queen” who was not “intellectually honest.” Watch it:

Last night on her show, Maddow issued a nonplussed response, asking whether a “tea-bagging queen” could “really be that kind of queen”:

MADDOW: Today on his radio show, CNN host Lou Dobbs called me a “tea-bagging queen” because I made fun of him on this show for helping into the mainstream the off-the-deep-end, wingnut, racist conspiracy theory that Barack Obama is secretly foreign and therefore secretly not really president. Mr. Dobbs continues to demand that the president produce his birth certificate — even though the president already has. …In the meantime we’re all left to sort out the deeply confusing nature of what it means to be called a “tea-bagging queen” by Lou Dobbs. A “tea-bagging queen”? What kind of queen would that be, exactly? And can a female person be that kind of queen?