Giuliani Hopes For No Health Care Reform, Says Those Making ‘$250k Or More’ Are ‘Struggling’

Last night on Hannity’s Fox News show, former New York City Major Rudy Giuliani officially joined the ranks of his fellow conservatives who are trying to “kill” Obama’s health care agenda. “I hope there’s no hope for the health care plan this year,” Giuliani said bluntly at the outset of the segment.

Later, Hannity and Giuliani began discussing “all the taxes” Democrats allegedly “want to raise now.” “They basically — if you wake up in the morning, they’re probably going to tax that,” Hannity complained. Giuliani then took the opportunity to stand up for the “so-called rich”:

GIULIANI: We already have major distribution of wealth going on in this country. … Redistribution of wealth, from rich to poor. The rich pay — the so-called rich. We’re talking about $250,000 or more in New York City. I know this is hard for people to understand. These people sometimes are two-earner families. They’re really struggling.

Watch it:

Yes, New York is an expensive city to live in, but claiming that people living there making “$250,000 or more” are “really struggling” is laughable. The people who are “really struggling” are those who can’t afford health insurance, which, represented by both of his statements above, Giuliani seems to care nothing about.

Thankfully, most Americans do care. A recent Time magazine poll found that “large majorities” of Americans want health care reform. Forty-six percent said it is “very important” for Congress to pass reform in the next few months and an additional 23 percent said it is “somewhat important,” while 55 percent said it would be better to pass “major reform.” And a Kaiser Family Foundation poll out this month found that 56 percent said “it is more important than ever to take on health care reform now.”