Beck Jokes About ‘Military Tribunals For All Those Currently Serving In Washington’

becktimeOn his radio show today, Fox News host Glenn Beck interviewed Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul, the son of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), gauging how he fit his “checklist of things” that he wants in a politician. After asking Paul about abortion and health care, Beck asked with a laugh, “What do you think about military tribunals for all those currently serving in Washington?”:

BECK: What do you think about — I’m just going down the checklist of things that I want in a politician. What do you think about military tribunals for all those currently serving in Washington [laughing].

PAUL: You got me there. You know, the other thing we could do for healthcare is I think instead of having their great health care plan they all should have to go to the VA.

BECK: I think so, too. Seriously, about the military tribunals. Look, the reason why I asked that question — I’m not asking it seriously yet — what I would like to know is how do you propose to stay uncorrupted?

Continuing his penchant for doomsday fearmongering, Beck posited that the Obama administration might be “building an exoskeleton around our republic.” “They are feasting on it,” said Beck. “And when it can’t handle it anymore, they overwhelm that system, the exoskeleton will kick in and we’ll have a new transformative moment here in America.” Paul then took Beck’s paranoia up a notch by comparing the present moment to the rise of Hitler:

PAUL: I don’t need the job. I want to do it for a period of time because I’m worried about our country. I’m worried about the deficit and what it will do. I’m also, ultimately I’m not a doomsday sayer, but I worry about in Germany, in 1923 when they destroyed their currency out of that arose a Hitler. And I think when you have chaos, if you have economic chaos, you end up getting things that you don’t want sometimes, you know? And we have to be very careful that we don’t rewrite our Constitution or throw it out completely and we don’t get some kind of strong leader that’s going to help us or keep us from ourselves. And I think that happens in times of chaos. And I think we’re in danger of that with the level of deficit we have now.

Beck agreed, but thought that he didn’t go far enough. “I think we are in more than just danger of that. I think that is the road we’re on, if we’re not careful,” said Beck. “We’re headed towards — we’re repeating the Weimar republic almost to a T.” Listen here: