At Town Hall Meeting With Pre-Screened Questions, Vitter Mocks Democratic Concerns Over Protesters

Yesterday, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) held a town hall meeting in Pineville, LA, attended by nearly 1,500 people. The discussion mostly focused around health care reform, and Vitter said that he is “totally and unalterably opposed” to the proposals being put forth in Congress.

At one point, however, an attendee asked Vitter about the confrontations at Democratic town hall meetings around the country. Vitter seemed to mock his colleagues, saying that although he had been advised to have “security” for his town hall meetings, he “told them the best security is to do what the people want you to do.” He added that “the angry mob is always welcome at my events.” Watch it:

Ironically, this Pineville event where Vitter made these comments was full of pre-screened questions. According to a report from Pineville’s local paper, The Alexandria Town Talk:

The Louisiana Republican spoke at what was billed as a town hall meeting at Louisiana College’s Guinn Auditorium. It was a friendly audience but there was little chance for disagreement to be expressed.

The panel of speakers all joined Vitter in opposing the reform package being debated in Congress. Questions from audience members were screened and selected in advance of the event.

So much for welcoming the “angry mob.”