Right-wing global warming deniers protest Clean Energy Summit.

Yesterday, the Center for American Progress Action Fund hosted the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, a gathering attended by Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Steven Chu, Hilda Solis, and many other experts. Unsurprisingly, right-wing protesters – many of whom are global warming deniers – also gathered at the venue. The Wonk Room’s Brad Johnson interviewed some of the protesters to get a better understanding of their views. One said President Obama is an “Anti-American Arab” who “is not a natural-born citizen.” Many others said that global warming is a hoax, that Obama is a man of divided loyalties and questionable associations, and that the country is headed toward socialist decline. Watch it:


The number of activists who supported clean energy reform vastly outnumbered the deniers. “Organizers of the demonstrators who backed the energy agenda behind the conference said they counted about 275 supporters on hand.”

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