Specter protester Katy Abram advocates the repeal of Medicare and Social Security.

At Sen. Arlen Spector’s (D-PA) raucous town hall yesterday, one of the “most prolonged rounds of applause” was drawn by Katy Abram, a stay-at-home mother from Lebanon, who told Specter, “We don’t want this country to turn into Russia.” On MSNBC’s Hardball today, guest-host Lawrence O’Donnell aggressively questioned Abram about her views on government, asking if she would like to see Medicare and Social Security repealed. After struggling to give a complete answer, Abram conceded, “yeah, there are programs in place, you know, the founders did not want to have here.” Watch it:

On Fox News yesterday, Abram said that she was worried about a future where toilet paper was rationed, saying, “I know that years down the road, I don’t want my children coming to me and asking me, ‘Mom, why didn’t you do anything? Why do we have to wait in line for, I don’t know, toilet paper or anything?'”