Right-wing bloggers at annual conference admit to being ‘outgunned’ by progressives.

ThinkProgress and nearly 2,000 other progressive bloggers and activists are currently in Pittsburgh for the annual Netroots Nation conference. Speakers at the event include White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, Gov. Howard Dean, and President Bill Clinton. But also going on in Pittsburgh is the RightOnline conference for conservative bloggers:

The RightOnline conference starting tomorrow morning at the Sheraton Station Square will have about a quarter of the 2,000 attendees at the liberal conference in the convention center, and only about 20 speakers to the 400 at Netroots. …

Right-wing activists know very well they are being out-gunned by the left online, which is precisely why they are holding the conference. They held the first RightOnline convention in Austin, Texas, to coincide with last year’s Netroots Nation meeting there, too.

Erick Erickson from RedState said that on the right, the focus has been “on punditry as opposed to activism.” “It has been focused on bloggers trying to be the next Rush Limbaugh or the next columnist, not on urging readers to call members of Congress or go to tea parties,” he added.