GOP Rep Hands Out ‘Inflammatory’ Flier Saying Health Reform ‘Might Encourage’ Seniors To ‘Give Up’

Speaking after a panel discussion at the Naperville Chamber of Commerce panel yesterday, Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL) denounced the disruptions at congressional town halls over the August recess. “What bothers me the most about this is we do have some people that out there want to make political games out of this or make a circus and destroy some of these meetings,” said Biggert. Watch it:

But Biggert engaged in her own “political games” at the meeting, handing out an info sheet warning that benign end-of-life counseling provisions in the House health care plan “might encourage” seniors “to give up when facing a serious illness“:

But on Wednesday she also handed out an information sheet that warned President Barack Obama’s government-run insurance plan “requires end-of-life counseling for seniors that might encourage them to give up when facing a serious illness.”

Asked about the accuracy of suggesting the plan could require older Americans to be counseled against lifesaving care, Biggert conceded the statement was “a little inflammatory.”

“I probably wrote it when I was mad,” she said.

Claiming that she was “not talking that there is euthanasia or anything,” Biggert claimed that she worried seniors would be told to go off and die:

Biggert said that while her flier was a bit over the top, she understands why seniors are scared.

“To me I thought that was inflamatory,” the 71-year-old said of the provision. “I picture myself going out into the forest and sitting there like the tribes used to do or getting on an iceberg and floating away.”

Biggert continued, “I think that is something that is between me and whoever … whether it is my doctor or my conscience or whatever.”

On the defensive over the false claims in the flier, Biggert claimed that she was “not trying to upset” seniors and assured a reporter from the Chicago Daily Herald that she did not hand out the fliers at the senior centers she recently visited.