Corzine on Christie: He’s ‘a lawbreaker’ who ‘gets the reputation of being the king of law enforcement.’

For years, GOP leaders have been eyeing former U.S. attorney Chris Christie for national political office. In recent congressional testimony, Karl Rove revealed that “he had conversations with Christie about a possible run for governor while Christie was serving in the non-political position of U.S. attorney.” Christie’s campaign has said it was just an “informal conversation.” However, Christie’s challenger in the New Jersey gubernatorial race, Gov. Jon Corzine (D), contends that it was a violation of the Hatch Act, which says that federal employees can’t even engage in “any act in furtherance of candidacy” for an elected office. Yesterday at Netroots Nation, Corzine met with a group of progressive bloggers and sharply criticized Christie’s discussion with Rove:

It is hard to understand how a lawbreaker gets the reputation of being the king of law enforcement, and uses that as a platform. It’s the Hatch Act.

Watch it:


Blue Jersey has an exclusive interview with Corzine at Netroots Nation.

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